Reid Vineis

Reid Vineis

Vice President of Digital, Majority Strategies


Reid Vineis is the Vice President of Digital at Majority Strategies. Now in his fifth cycle at Majority Strategies, Vineis leads the firm’s efforts helping clients craft the most effective advertising campaigns online.

In the 2018 election cycle, Vineis was proud to assist over 500 clients execute successful digital campaigns, making Majority Strategies one of the largest political digital advertising firms in the country.

Vineis specializes in media planning, advertising technology, and digital marketing. He brings this expertise to bear on behalf of candidates, corporations, and non-profit causes.

Prior to joining Majority Strategies, Vineis worked for a public affairs firm for five years helping Fortune 100 companies achieve their policy goals.

Vineis received his B.A. in Political Science from Trinity College in Connecticut. An Ohio native, he now lives in Charlotte, NC.