Jiore Craig

Jiore Craig

Vice President, GQR


Jiore Craig is a Vice President at GQR. Jiore currently leads the GQR Digital practice in addition to executing campaign strategy and corporate communication supported by public opinion research for international clients.  She specializes in differentiating between online sentiment and wider general public opinion, creating G.O.V.T. (Grow Online Voter Trust) programs, disinformation detection and rapid response, adopting conventional campaign strategies to digital outreach platforms, and implementing digital infrastructure in developing countries.

Jiore concentrates on political campaign work in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa – as well as public opinion work surrounding the challenges facing progressive organizations in the U.S. and Asia. Since 2016, Jiore leads political campaign training programs, donor education, and presentations for elected officials and public organizations in the US and abroad on how to understand disinformation and the role of social media platforms in a political context, especially in the lead up to major elections.

Because her work is concentrated abroad, Jiore believes strongly in thinking outside of the widely-sold U.S. best practices playbook. As a global practice, GQR Digital has regularly confronted some of the difficult questions facing the digital political consulting industry after a surprising U.S. presidential election continues to leave many confused about the power of social media, the danger of fake news, and the complexities of meaningfully engaging voters online.  As a result, GQR Digital designs solutions on a client-by-client basis, recognizing that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to any campaign or branding challenge.

Jiore also works together with GQR’s corporate practice, most recently focusing on re-branding and positioning efforts and new research solutions. After joining GQR in 2013, Jiore dedicated significant time to the GQR digital efforts in the Moldovan 2014 election. More recently, Jiore worked on the successful same-sex marriage referendum ‘Yes’ campaign in Ireland and building organic digital infrastructure in Africa.  Jiore is well-versed in mixed research methodologies, including new digital methods in digital listening to collect qualitative and quantitative data online. She is also a certified focus group moderator.