Jess Riegel

Jess Riegel

Co-Founder & CEO


About Jess Riegel

Jess Riegel is the Co-Founder & CEO of Motivote, a platform that helps individuals break through the barriers to voting by making the experience easy, fun and rewarding.

Our framework is proven to increase turnout with the same behavioral strategies that help us go to the gym, save money, and learn new skills. Think: social commitments, plan-making nudges, timely reminders, positive reinforcement.

Motivote focuses on the behavior of voting, not who you vote for, with the goal of breaking down often confusing, opaque processes to build consistent habits and confidence.

Motivote began pilots in 2018 and launched nationally in 2020. Our partners include mission-driven nonprofits, higher education institutions, and brands that believe democracy works best when we all participate.