Alex Kronman

Alex Kronman

CEO & Founder


About Alex Kronman

Alex grew up in advertising – spending his formative years coloring in various corners of various ad agencies. Like all good children of the industry, he vowed never to enter it and instead took up journalism. Alex created his own paper in high school and was the editor-in-chief of his college newspaper. He failed to realize that half of journalism (the paying-for-it part) is advertising and waded back into the underworld when he realized he could fund the work he loves with a technology platform that solves the biggest problem in advertising – engaging young consumers. You can call him a sellout, but he did it for the right reasons, gosh darn it!

Since inception, flytedesk has partnered with over 2,300 colleges and universities and is the default advertising infrastructure for college marketing. Alex and team have served as the college partner for everyone from Fortune 500 brands like Adobe, Trojan, TIAA, Quizlet, Jimmy John’s, and Target to campaigns like Biden, Warnock, Kelly, Ossoff, Hickenlooper, and Warner, to organizations like NextGen, Everytown, VoteAmerica, and

Alex does not like hiking, live music, or hobbies, but at least he’s self-aware about it.